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tv   [untitled]    August 13, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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the embattled syrian opposition makes a fresh plea for foreign action as activists claim people support for the insurgency is dwindling made new allegations of rebel atrocities. egypt's president orders the country's top two military officials to retire as a major offensive continues in the country's volatile soon i rejoined. and while the northeast egyptian border heats and al qaida linked groups infiltrate syria israel feels trapped in the middle beefs up its security forces just in case.
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karen terrorists are here to start your monday all off with r t while the political leaders of the syrian opposition have made fresh calls for a no fly zone in the country the syrian national council even wants foreign troops to start patrolling areas near the borders with jordan and turkey but the u.s. and its allies remain reluctant to get directly involved and are instead bolstering material support for anti-government fighters meanwhile a legit rebel atrocities are forcing more syrian activists to renounce the opposition this amateur footage apparently shows insurgents throwing the bodies of loyalists from a rooftop in aleppo a key flashpoint in the worsening conflict the head of one independent media outlet in syria told r.t. that he's puzzled why the rebels are pleading for foreign action when they claim to . half the people support. when anybody talks about
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a no fly zone they are talking about a regional war they know quite well that the syrian army will not allow any foreign power or foreign armies to interfere within the syrian land and any attempt to create a safe zone or a no fly zone will be on the tour by war and any war between syria and turkey or syria and any need to nation will turn into a large regional war in syria is a part of a huge alliance and for instance the iranians just last week made it clear that if any foreign power tries to interfere in syria they would not just watch their strongest ally for stephen workers are being attacked have seen rebels kill people in the streets floater them with knives and then mr clinton comes and gives them money they lost in the masters they are losing in any poll as we speak and as usual whenever the they find themselves in a pickle like this they call for foreign intervention and if if they claim that they have popular support as they have been saying for seventeen months why do they
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need foreign intervention some of those willing to help the opposition are often unaware of exactly what's going on in the anti assad camp can educate and shed some light on the darker side of the rebellion. parasolid about adopting someone why not a syrian rebel as this headline says for just one dollar a day you too can help a syrian rebel oust president assad these days you have a good number of organizations which present themselves basically as charities where you can make a donation to the rebels in syria this is the website of one of the rebel groups there saying among other things they are seeking military equipment then there is another organization which collects donations based the here in washington and supported by the u.s. government they're called syrian support group we try to reach out to them and ask how they plan to distribute that money we never heard from them another website one called adopt a revolution they also present themselves as
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a charity but it's organizer admitted that it's hard to see where the money goes as far as who the donors are he said they range from corporations to retired couples and students possibly those mentioned retired couples who've seen videos like this one where the rebels singing a backstreet boys song oh. ok oh but what the pitch for donors does not say is that not all rebel fighters are some romantic backstreet boys fans probably not these ones and this footage shows an apparent mass execution of assault supporters by the rebels in cold blood. reports on the ground show that various extremist groups are doing the fighting including al qaida but it's not to say that all of them are all either it's a full blown civil war where the degree of hatred is so high that people commit
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atrocities on all fronts i spoke with one of america's leading experts on counterterrorism and he told me the bloodshed will be even harder to stop as more outside forces get involved it isn't any more simply a question vs a whole. it's a question of saudi arabia versus iran and it's a question of turkey's increasing role in the middle east all these things make this more and more complicated and make it less and less likely there we're going to have a peaceful resolution instead we're going to have a winner take all solution one could say the danger is in simplifying things putting them black and white supporting people who kill can be called anything but charity in washington i'm going to check out. later in the program we hear from dr abdul azeez all her who spent fourteen years in prison for his political activism in syria he says that a peaceful struggle is the only way towards his country's democratic future.
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everybody must cooperate. to convience the military groups first of all the regime second round groups although i was assured that it's time it's high time indeed to come to a cease fire and to start negotiations about what to do and how to arrange some peaceful future for the country of course this includes the president and his family must step aside at least for a while and the power must be passed on to some acceptable personality from the regime acceptable to the regime and accepted to the opposition as well. to start a transitional period in which. some new constitution and some new legality will be established in the country.
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egypt's president has ordered the country's top two military officers to stand down the defense minister and the chief of staff have been told to go during the major offensive that's underway in the country's restive sin i reject along the israeli border the egyptian leader who is in a power struggle with the military council valid to restore security and soon i but the region's only seen more lawlessness since president mubarak was ousted with al qaida groups targeting security forces and the mass smuggling of arms from libya dr all mara sure from the middle east studies institute at exit or university says that what looks like a stamp of a farty that has actually been done with the military's cooperation. you see a major shakeup but it's not a civilian shake up it's not an appointed see video in defense minister most of the
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of these changes where the negotiated at at least by the member with the members of the scaf that promoted and appointed. and it's not. a surprise that the that the head of the military intelligence knows where the factions within the ought to be the capacity all of. the other generals to. create some sort of trouble some sort of resistance to the president this head of the military intelligence was appointed defense minister because you have enough information on the army factions and on who could do what in the army so i don't think there would be action on the on behalf of the army or. well israel staying alert a medical rowing regional instability with prime minister netanyahu saying his country is investing billions in defense militants penetrating through egypt and all kind
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of rebels fighting for power within the syrian regime the state's feeling increasingly surrounded by a growing regional radicalism polis lir explains. as a result of the arab revolutions israel now finds itself surrounded by rivals starting with egypt you have a situation in the northern sinai peninsula that last week saw the gyptian air force being employed for the first time these radios are concerned that you have linked jihad that's operating there they're also concerned that they're not going to see the same kind of willingness for cooperation from the new egyptian president mohamed morsi who comes from the muslim brotherhood that you saw in the past between his predecessor of course mubarak and tell of of as far as the situation in syria goes the ongoing violence has israelis concerned that should if bashar assad is toppled he could be replaced by al qaida the violence hasn't extended you get to
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the golan heights but certainly israelis are concerned about the toppling of a same troll control from within damascus they're also concerned that you could have chemical weapons falling into the hands of extremist elements in addition to those who have harassed and control in the gaza strip you have hizbollah operating from lebanon all of this coming on top of an already volatile but dormant situation these are the israelis and the palestinians so certainly tel aviv is viewing with growing concern the volatile situation on its borders afraid that in moment it could flare up of course here tel aviv r.t. all right coming up in the program rags and ruin the bangladeshi calls industry workers suffering appalling conditions so that we've got plenty to wear and. you know what we can get through he doesn't need europe it's europe we need security and if you use you see that why turks are turning their backs on the e.u.
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and heading home despite their country's long running push for membership. chii. wealthy british style it's time to. go to.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on our g. four i thank you for joining r.t. it's time now for some other world news and brief for you this hour hospitals and iran's northwest star struggling to cope with the influx of thousands of people in the wake of saturday's earthquakes which killed more than three hundred entire villages were leveled in the quakes and thousands of people are sleeping outside fearing for their aftershocks rescue workers had battled through the night to recover survivors from the rubble but their efforts are now in helping the estimated sixteen thousand who are left home looks like. jury a says it's killed at least twenty suspected members of the islamist militant group boko who are all the military raid reportedly targeted one of the groups hideouts in the
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northeast boko haram denies any losses accusing the military of killing civilians instead scores of people have died in the group's attacks in the area and recent months. tens of thousands marched in the capital of mali after the country's interim president urged the prime minister to form a transitional unity government on sunday sheeple gathered in support of the move for solid leadership after a coup in march saw islamist militants sweep into control parts of the north it was concern over previous government inaction on tackling insurgency which led the military to seize control. germany could block the next loan to greece if it doesn't stick to the bailout rules inspectors from the e.u. the european central bank and me i am earth are currently going over greece's books to see if it's doing enough but
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a senior lawmaker in chancellor merkel merkel's party warns that if germany is not happy they'll be no more money greece has to slice another eleven point five billion euros off its spending to meet rescue targets. turkey has been trawling for an e.u. membership card for over twenty five years but after the euro crisis struck some and to doubt whether it was such a good idea financial gloom has caused many turks who have been living in the e.u. for generations to head back home in search of better jobs and opportunities are just as are so they are reports on the migration reversal. what about five and a half million turks living in the european union their presence is certainly felt in societies in europe but as the e.u. continues to be deep in the red the lure of their original country's economic promise is getting harder to resist and the residents living on this street known as little anatolia say that more and more of their compatriots are thinking of
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cutting their losses and heading back home like the owner of this snack bar belgian born outside has been finalizing his plans and is set on relocating his family back to turkey. europe is finished the crisis is getting worse every year it's going to continue first greece then spain italy right now belgium there is a lot of stress a lot of taxes. while in turkey increasing every year. life is good if you can live well why would you want in belgium it is no longer like this and the numbers say it all the e.u. managed a one point six percent growth in two thousand and eleven while turkey was at about seven point five percent recognition as last year's fastest growing economy in europe while it is expecting a slowdown this year the grass still looks greener on their side and dependence on girl is not quite as it used to be the trade volume used to be very high with the
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e.u. countries percentage wise it used to be about thirty percent now it has gone down to just over forty percent that means we're diversifying our trade more and more trade with african countries asian countries all around the world and this of course has spurred a lot of growth so we need people to be able to manage this we need qualified people personnel so we see that a lot of people are now coming you know second third generation immigrants are coming back home for this purpose but there's another reason why a growing number of turks want out of the e.u. like he's now with the crisis what's the result we reject. foreigners obviously know that there are fewer jobs less money what happens is play origin is first given to the belgians and after the foreigners the turks the moroccans the russians my decision to go back to turkey is economic but also because when there is a crisis there is discrimination if you know of this community and you have as this migration trend rises turkey is still officially knocking on the door its candidacy
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for membership hanging in the balance for the last twenty five years thanks to a long list of requirements to fulfill and political opposition from some e.u. countries people are afraid that that you will come up with more and more excuses even if we do overcome them people say that they'll be other excuses not that it matters any longer for some turks that. turkey doesn't need europe it's europe needs turkey is on the verge of in a few years you would see that i mean you can be part of the e.u. and right now turkey doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry either does or sylvia r.t. brussels. those disenchanted turkish migrants certainly could have a point looking at the market in europe natasha's n e r t a business news room so those numbers are looking too good are they natasha while they're looking better by the minute actually asian indices really came tumbling down after japan issued its
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g.d.p. numbers and they were weaker than expected but actually europe seems a less fazed by the minutes in fact the dax is recovering all of the details in just a few minutes of the business. all right and a lot of the clothes we wear are created in bangladesh that's one of the world's top manufacturers but it also has a disturbing regular record in injury and even death among its workers factories cutting back on safety to save every dollar or leaving those on the shop floor and bare during their health for wages which are next to nothing pretty straight or has the story. to get it out i want to smoke that's the last thing i saw before i fainted and i don't know what happened afterwards lovely day was only eleven when she almost died in a fire in the garment factory where she was working making only fifty cents a day to help her family survive while lovely escaped many in bangladesh having five hundred workers have died in garment factory fires in the past five years i
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suffer a lot now i still have to buy medicine it still hurts a lot of my hands hurt my legs hurt too it's very difficult for me to walk around because of its extremely low wages bangladesh is one of the largest garment producers in the world attracting american brands from tommy hilfiger to j.c. penney to gap but the conditions at the factories are shocking low safety standards crumbling buildings and core electrical wiring make working extremely dangerous because many of the clothing companies look the other way when things go wrong claiming that they don't know what they're faraway factory owners are up to labor activists say that the companies should take an interest in people rather than just profits it's very clear these batteries don't care about anything except on the wants doesn't it workers may have. corruption between the factory owners
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and politicians extreme poverty and a slow justice system make it nearly impossible for western brands to be held accountable garments account for eighty percent of bangladesh's x. for nearly ten billion dollars more of the products are shipped from here mainly to the united states in europe every year despite the international demand workers still put in long hours and work for extremely low wages and those who are brave enough to speak out against the system are often times silent easily one percent of bangladesh's garment workers belong to unions most like lovely or terrified of speaking l. she never received a penny in compensation from any higher ups in her factory or the companies they exported their garments to and has now been abandoned by her family because of the high costs of the medication she needs to survive. i hope that something like this never happens to anyone but no one has to go through such
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a trauma while lovely hopes that no one else suffers her fate her scars are an every day reminder that because of her time in the garment factories her life will never be the same preassure either r.t. dhaka bangladesh. you can get more from us online at r t dot com let's now check some of the stories we've got there the former chief of the fukushima power plant tells the true story of pounds devastating nuclear breakdown and the heroic efforts to contain the disaster plus. the olympics officially over the pressure is now on for london's airports go online to find out just how they're coping with one of the busiest departure days on record and. download the official publication so for choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's t.v. is not required to watch on t.v.
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all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. any time any. also later this hour union is with us and he's got the sport for us it seems london really went all out for the games the grand finale didn't really do that was a spectacular opening ceremony of course a spectacular closing on that well if he thought it was and people cramming in the pick part to see one of the biggest fireworks ceremonies out of every pretty much hit britain there you go having a look at the. queen was out the ceremony was it was one of the more musical. highlights of the event there was lots more besides we're going to look at the sporting highlights in a round twenty minutes time on sports today not just the one because of course we've got football we've got boxing we've got all ahead as i say in around twenty
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minutes. all right well we look forward to that it's time now to cross over to the business desk is it true that russian athletes get the biggest financial rewards from the government absolutely russia might be number four in the medal stable but it's good to know that it's number one when it comes to rewarding the athletes all of the details in just a minute but first let's take an overview of the equity markets and start with europe for europe is feeling the pinch of the latest data coming from japan its g.d.p. growth numbers really came in much lower than expected and that has disappointed investors sending asian indices down at the moment in europe the footsie is shedding value the dax is rebounding. a bit more on the japan's numbers its economy grew zero point three percent in the second quarter that's a lower than expected with exports and consumer spending showing weakness u.s. futures are also down modestly pointing to
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a lower opening on wall street here in russia equities are still managing to look pretty good more than one percent for the r.t.s. and around three. as a percent for the my sex this hour some of the movers on the my sex that we're following including oil major ross now off to one of lee is considering expanding to our media gas producer nova task is also off of the second quarter net profits fell by a third and ross telecoms profit plunged by about half in the second quarter of the year that's according to the russian accounting standards but that's not really hurting the stock as you can see it so one of the biggest gainers on the my sex at this hour now putting on a more than two percent at the moment to look at the currency market the russian ruble is gaining too both the euro and the dollar and the dollar sell the sour is getting to the year after showing strength in the previous four sessions as
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europe's debt crisis have investors flee to safety which usually means the dollar in fact it's a trend over the past year the dollar's gain around seven percent while the euro during the same period last about nine percent of its value and crude is also showing some strength that rose above one hundred fourteen dollars a barrel when it comes to brant that's the highest in about three months supply concerns as usual supply of the north sea crude is that of record a low and sanctions affect the arabian output as well financial troubles across the globe don't seem to be dampening the olympic games this year the governments of participating countries will pay millions of dollars to those who brought in the medals russia might be number four when it comes to the medals table but it's the most generous when it comes to paying its athletes artie's katie
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fielding has all the details. the olympics is now over for the winners they have a permanent reminder of their victories a big shiny metal but what can the champions expect in financial terms with a return to their homelands well that depends on the individual and national limpid committees who reward their own sports stars the u.s. was a country with the most gold winners and the victorious that these can all expect a bonus of twenty five thousand dollars when they get out to the states in total that is one point eight million dollars that the u.s. government will be dishing out china hasn't revealed its official bonuses but it's gold winners will reportedly get a fifty one thousand dollar prize for u.k. athletes there's no extra cash to be won but there is a privilege of getting your head on a stamp so it depends what you consider to be more valuable russia has promise out these one hundred thirty five thousand dollars for gold but some athletes can expect even more the russian judo gold champion is i have to look forward to
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a one million dollars paycheck when he gets home and even countries that are near the bottom of the league table still offer a lowering amounts singapore was hoping a one million dollar bonus would bring a gold medal but it'll have to wait for years for another chance although it hasn't won a medal since nineteen fifty six on the economic crisis isn't downplaying the incentives with debt stricken italy giving one hundred eighty two thousand dollars to each of their winners so while it may be the taking part that counts winnings certainly leaves you counting more cash. well more than seven million dollars in payments now all the russian athletes have to do is just invest wisely it's true thanks very much for about our dana bash will be back with you in an hour. after the headlines a former syrian politician offered for speaking out outlines why his country is
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